When the winds of the winter seem colder
and the plough’s done it’s day on my skin;
…when the face in the lake’s grown older
and my branches more brittle and thin…

Will you still love the view,… though it’s bleaker?                    
Will you tend the last flowers on the vine?
Will you cherish the harvest remaining;

…share with me the last glass of wine?

If I stumble a little with tiredness,
or I can’t tell the night from the day,
will you smile,… so I’ll know you forgive me…       
just in case I don’t hear …..when you say?

When we walk in the soft scented evening,
if I seem as if all unaware..
will you hold me a while, …and kiss me,
to remind me the reason I’m there?

When summers light comes through the window
and I sit in my silence, and stare,
don’t think that it’s done to ignore you;
it’s us that I’m seeing,………..out there.

If I no longer say how I need you
would you read through this rhyme on the wall,
to remind you of how much I love you,
......though the words I no longer recall ?

When we lie there tonight, in the darkness
with our legs and our dreams all entwined
with a whisper and kiss
will you promise me this….

that you’ll savour
the last glass of wine?.

© Steve O'Kane