Today started out like every other day;
the sun rose up high, chasing the dark away.
I knelt in the sand and I started to pray…
I prayed to say "thank you" for the bowl of rice
I received today.

But if I had a T.V. I'd have seen you buying sunflowers,
twenty million pounds of sunflowers,
to hang upon your wall,
and they had no smell; no, it was just a picture of sunflowers,
but I haven't got a T.V.… so I didn't see.

I walked in the sun, I gathered some sticks for my fire,
my baby was crying so loud; she doesn't know how I'm tired.
My body's dry as a bone, I've got nothing to help her survive,
no, it's just a matter of time before I stop trying
to keep her alive.
But if I had a T.V. I'd have seen you buying diamonds bright,
twenty million pounds worth of diamonds bright,
for you to wear on some special night.
I'd' see you laugh with delight
to hold on to your diamonds, so bright………
but I haven't got a T.V.……… so I didn't see.

If only you had asked me I'd have sold you some sunflowers,
I'd have sold you some stones that shine,
just to stop my baby from crying.
Oh, I've looked everywhere,
but no sunflowers grow around here …
but then it hasn't rained for three years
unless you count the falling of my tears.

© Steve O'Kane