"I think he's very good" Rick Christian, singer songwriter and BBC Radio Folk presenter
"Now that's what I call real music" Bob Copper, The Copper Family
"Steve O'Kane's songs and chords always draw you into the mood of the meaning behind the lyrics; look forward to the CD, and it had better include "Sunflowers"! Brian Lynch, Club Organiser, writing in The Essex Folk News magazine
"An exceptional song that; really makes you think" Dennis Rikkard, BBC Essex and Phoenix Radio (referring to "Sunflowers")

"Steve is an excellent singer/songwriter and effortless performer" Sue Tuckey, Folk club organiser, Orpington Friday Folk

"I’ve long admired Steve’s songwriting skills and this album is a gem of a collection. I was pleased to see that the lyrics to all of the songs are printed in the CD booklet, as I have always regarded Steve as more of a poet than a lyricist. In many ways each song is rather like a short story set to music. Simply by reading the first line of each of the ten songs you realise that Steve’s style is to produce a statement that immediately sets the scene for the journey that is about to unfold. None of his songs contain throw away lines. Each word is an intrinsic element in a word painting that holds your attention from start to end. He has a very interesting technique whereby his storylines appear to develop from seemingly mundane situations; i.e. sitting in a station café, or on a passenger plane; standing by a river bank, or just walking down the street. In each case a scene is quickly set and in-between the picture of the immediate environment other poignant images begin to emerge; hopes, dreams, love and uncertainty. But where Steve shows great mastery is in his ability to create flowing melodies that fit so perfectly with the storylines and emotions of the lyrics. And each song is sung with great conviction. Although the album is predominately vocals and guitar, there is some highly effective keyboard work producing some nice string effects that are done in a tasteful way, adding some lovely pastel shades to the songs. Fiona McBain adds some very beautiful vocal backing to several of the tracks, performed with great sensitivity that really adds colour to the whole production. A CD that is well worth listening to over and over again." - Dennis Homes, EFN Magazine